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Submission Deadline: Friday, March 29th

Canada’s Used Car Week — which includes both the Auto Remarketing Canada Conference and the Women & Automotive Canadian Leadership Forum — has opened its call for speakers for the event, which is being held June 24-26 back in the heart of downtown Toronto at the Westin Harbour Castle!

We’re seeking out top-notch speakers to cover a wide array of topics within four content tracks: Retail, Remarketing/Fleet, Auto Finance and Women & Automotive. More details on those tracks is below:

    • AUTO FINANCE: Content on auto finance trends, compliance/regulation and auto fintech. Target audience is auto finance industry professionals and dealers.
    • REMARKETING & FLEET: Content on auto auction market trends, remarketing technology/online wholesale, wholesale supply/prices and consignment volume. Target audience is auctions, consignors and other remarketing industry professionals.
    • RETAIL: Content on automotive retail trends, specifically pre-owned. Target audience is dealers and other auto retail industry professionals.
    • WOMEN & AUTOMOTIVE: Content on leadership, mentorship, career/executive best practices and high-level auto industry trends. Target audience is auto industry professionals.

      Please submit your idea below and designate the track to which it applies.

      **Please note that this form is an application to lead a session at the event. This is not an application to be a panelist.

      If you have further questions about speaking at Canadas Used Car Week, please contact Conference Chair Bill Zadeits at [email protected].

        1a. Speaker Information (required):

        Fill out the complete speaker information form in the way your speaker would like to be registered for the event and as they would like their name and title to appear on the agenda. In the event that your submission is accepted, we will register your speakers using this information. The headshot and bio you submit will be used on our agenda and in our printed materials.

        *This number will only be used for speaker coordination and will not be shared with attendees.

        Speaker professional biography (800 characters or fewer):

        If you will have any additional speakers that you know would be participating in your session, include them here. Please list your name first, then list the additional speaker(s).

        1b. Speaker Headshots (required):

        For each speaker you are submitting, please upload a recent HIGH RESOLUTION headshot, .jpg or .png, 300 dpi. Note: Most images downloaded from a website are low resolution and will not work for print.


        If you are submitting additional speakers, please include their headshots below:

        2. Core Topic (required):

        Please specify the core topic you think your presentation best speaks to:

        What type of presentation will it be?:

        3. Session Title (required):

        Limit your title to 50 characters or fewer. Keep it short and simple, but engaging. Attendees should be able to discern your presentation topic from just the title. Spend a minute or two thinking about the most important aspects of your presentation, and try to convey the tone of your session.

        4. Session Description (required):

        In 800 characters or fewer, tell attendees why they should attend your session. And if it’s a workshop, why YOUR workshop is the one to choose over the others running concurrently. What will you cover in your session, and what knowledge can they expect to gain? Be specific!

        5. INTENDED AUDIENCE (required):

        In 800 characters or fewer, what types of attendees will get the most out of your session? Who do you think should attend? Be specific about the types of job roles to which your session will speak most directly.

        If you’re having trouble submitting the form please make sure that:

        • Email address in section one is formatted correctly

        • Speaker biography is less than 800 characters

        • Headshot file sizes are 2MB or less

        • Session title is less than 50 characters

        • Session description is less than 800 characters (Use this tool to check character count: Character Counter)